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This SATURDAY, July 25, 2009, AMERICA'S MOST WANTED will be airing the following cases.

Los Angeles, California...JOSE LUIS SAENZ... Detectives in Los Angeles are searching for an alleged Cuatro Flats gang member, Jose Luis Saenz. Cops say that on July 25, 1998, Saenz killed two rival gang members, as well as his girlfriend, Sigreta Hernandez.  Since then he has been charged with a series of murders, and ten years later, cops say Saenz resurfaced to kill an associate -- whose murder is caught on tape.

Stafford County, Virginia...HENRY "DROOPY" MENJIVAR... Cops in Stafford County, Va., along with U.S. Marshals, are looking for Henry "Droopy" Menjivar, a man they say is a member of the deadly "MS-13" street gang. Authorities say Menjivar set out on July 18, 2006 to raise his stature within his crew at any cost. He and three of his fellow MS-13 gang members are believed to have killed Shannah Angeles, after luring her to a wooded area of Northern Virginia.

Queens, New York...DANNY "D-KNIFE" WILLIAMS... Cops say that on May 28, 2002, Danny Williams became enraged during an argument with two alleged acquaintances from his neighborhood of Queens, New York. Williams then shot at the unarmed men, killing one and permanently injuring another.

Davidson County, North Carolina...JAIME ALBERTO BARBA...Cops say in April 2006, two young sisters approached their mother and revealed that for several months they had been repeatedly taken advantage of by Jaime Alberto Barba. Their mother reported these horrific acts to the police but by that time Barba was long gone.  Police believe that Barba may be hiding in Mexico, Texas, or Spartanburg, SC.

Chicago, Illinois...ORVILLE JEROME COCHRAN... U.S. Marshals are searching for notorious motorcycle gang leader Orville J. Cochran. They say that Cochran participated in the distribution of marijuana and cocaine, racketeering, and the murder of Hell's Angels member, Jack Castle.  After finding out about his pending charges, cops say Cochran fled Chicago. Cochran was reportedly spotted in Canada, but he may have returned to the Chicago area.

Anchorage, Alaska...ARIEL BEAU PATRICK... On September 29, 2007, Jamaal Barras was attacked by two men with a metal rod and a baseball bat.  Police say that surveillance cameras show the two suspects attacking Barras and then running off.  Since the attack, one man has been arrested and charged with murder but Patrick is still on the run.  Police say they believe Patrick has fled to Central America.

Capture...JESSE JAMES HOLLYWOOD...After four years on the run, Jesse James Hollywood was captured on March 8, 2005 and is now behind bars for his connection to the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old Nicholas Markowitz in the summer of 2000. It took only two days for a Santa Barbara, California jury to find Hollywood guilty of first degree murder and kidnapping. He was sentenced to life without parole.

Detroit, Michigan...FRED "HIGHWAY" ALBA WERT...Cops say on March 1, 1993, in a jealous rage, Fred Wert killed his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend and then ran.  Wert disappeared and wasn't seen again until police were able to link him to the rape of a young girl in June of 1997.  Under the alias of Billy Ray Shugart, Wert was fingerprinted which gave police enough evidence to prove his identity and link the two cases. By then it was too late, Wert had fled again.

Cleveland, Ohio...FETHI "BASHIR" JELASSI... For eight years, the FBI Field Office in Cleveland, OH has searched desperately for fugitive Fethi Jelassi. They have collected enough evidence to convict him of the June 22, 2000 murders of David Settle and his mother on. Jelassi has numerous global contacts, which makes cops wonder if he is even in the United States.

New Orleans, Louisiana...CALVIN R. SINCLAIR...on July 4, 2001, Detectives say Calvin Sinclair went to the home of his girlfriend, Shantel Armstrong, to settle a discrepancy about money. After the couple started to argue, Shantel's mother, Dorothea made an attempt to stop the argument.  Sinclair allegedly shot and killed both women and left the scene.  Sinclair was last seen in New York but detectives believe that he may still be in New Orleans.


Capture...THOMAS GLEASON... Thomas Gleason, a BMX coach accused of molesting the young members of his team, is finally behind bars. After six years on the run, Gleason turned himself into authorities on Saturday, June 7, 2008, after being profiled America's Most Wanted.


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