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This Saturday, February 21, 2009, AMERICA'S MOST WANTED: AMERICA FIGHTS BACK will be airing the following cases. This week, actress Pauley Perrette, from the hit crime show "NCIS", will be teaming up with AMERICA'S MOST WANTED to help crack three different cases-all of which, for Pauley, hit close to home.


Conroe, Texas...GLEN HOLMES, JR...Police say Glen Holmes Jr. shot and killed Barry Thomas at a Taco Cabana in Conroe, Texas after stealing his Cadillac. Before leading cops on a high-speed chase, Holmes Jr. allegedly held up the drive-through and demanded tacos to go.


Winchendon, Massachusetts...MICHAEL BRESNAHAN CAPTURE...He's accused of breaking into a house in a quaint New England town and raping a 61-year-old retiree. But after a year on the run and a manhunt that included six different states, Michael Bresnahan's dodge from justice has ended. AMW has spoken with his alleged victim, the police and the tipsters from Oregon who turned him in.

San Francisco, California...UNKNOWN TAMMY VINCENT KILLER... Almost 30 years have passed since police were called to an isolated beach 20 miles north of San Francisco to investigate a grisly murder scene that centered around the charred remains of a teenage Jane Doe. For years, cops tried to identify the girl and figure out the events surrounding her death, but it wasn't until AMW lent a helping hand that parts of the puzzle began to fit together. Authorities now know that the murdered victim -- 16-year-old Tammy Vincent -- was the girl embroiled in the middle of a state's case against a Seattle strip club whose owners, cops believe, had Tammy killed because of the information she knew.

Detroit, Michigan...UNKNOWN RAVEN JEFFRIES KILLER... In August 2006, seven-year-old Raven Jeffries was playing outside of her home in Detroit, Michigan when she was kidnapped. Just days after her disappearance, police say her burned body was found in a field in a neighboring town. AMW teams up with Pauley Perrette, from the hit crime drama NCIS, to revisit this unsolved murder case. Pauley's special connection to Raven's case has kept her involved in the search for answers. At the time of Raven's murder, Pauley donated a $10,000 reward to encourage anyone to come out with information. The reward is still being offered to help find the unknown person who killed Raven.






Prattville, Alabama...UNKNOWN SHANNON PAULK KILLER... AMW teams up with Pauley Perrette, the star of the prime time crime drama NCIS, to help investigators solve the murder of Shannon Paulk, an 11-year-old girl whose body was found in the woods two months after having last been seen by friends with an unidentified man. This discovery updated the case from a missing child to a murdered child, however no further clues have been found. Pauley Perrette was touched by Shannon's story because of her own family ties to the Prattville area.  She donated a $10,000 reward to help catch Shannon's killer.

Detroit, Michigan...UNKNOWN LISA WILLIAMSON KILLER...Shortly after actress Pauley Perrette, from the hit show NCIS, teamed up with AMW to hunt down two child killers, she received the disturbing news that her friend, Lisa Williamson, was murdered in Detroit -- the city where Pauley had just been with the AMW crew. On the evening of October 29, 2007, someone threw a firebomb into Lisa's house, which she was able to escape. However, early the next morning, someone threw another Molotov cocktail into Lisa's parents' house, where she was staying. Her parents made it out safely, but Lisa was trapped upstairs and died of smoke inhalation. Upon hearing the news of her friend's death, Pauley Perrette turned to John Walsh, told him Lisa's story, and he immediately agreed to lend a hand. Now, police are searching for the culprit, and they are certain someone out there has information.  A $10,000 reward has been raised in the case, and Lisa's family is hoping this money could be enough to encourage anyone involved to come forward.

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